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Vehicle Window Tinting

Our privacy glass is well known for its strength, durability and optical clarity. We work to the highest quality and show attention to detail in areas that others wouldn’t. This can be seen in the quality of our work, which is why we are proud to offer a lifetime warranty.

  • UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays

  • Added security and privacy

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Colour-stable film

  • Lifetime guarantee against defects

  • Choose from a variety of different shades


With window tinting you can choose the shade that suits you the best

5% Window tinting film (Limo Black) – This is most commonly the choice for vehicle owners who may want to keep their valuable items or tools out of sight. Therefore this level of tint makes it very difficult to see into the vehicle to keep valuables hidden.

15% (Dark smoke) Window tinting film – This is aimed at customers who are looking for a factory equivalent level of tint. At this level of tint it is still possible to see through the car from one side to the other however it still does a good job of obscuring objects on the seats and the floor.

50% (Light smoke) – 70% (UV ray rejection) Window tinting film – This level of tint film is designed for owners who only want to adjust the shade of their windows very slightly but still want the benefits of our UV ray rejection.

What are the legal requirements for vehicle window tinting?

What are the legal requirements for vehicle window tinting? 

VOSA say that your front window must let in a minimum of 75% of light and the front size windows 70%. There’s no limit to the level of tinting that can be applied to the rear windscreen or real passenger windows. More information about tinted vehicle windows and the law can be found here.

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