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Focus RS IGL Coatings Quartz

We had Kenny's stunning UG Focus RS back with us after 3.5 years.

We originally carried out a paint correction and applied IGL Quartz back in 2017 and the coating has survived extremely well over the years with only a life expectancy of 2 years.

Fast forward to November 2021 and the coating is showing some slight degrading along the bottom of the car but nothing major, kenny got in touch and decided before the car goes away for its winter hibernation to give the car another going over and to apply a fresh coat of Quartz.

The RS had a full decontamination wash removing all traces of dirt, metal filings and ground in dirt.

Clay bar to remove any further contamination plus tar removed.

The paintwork was in really good shape underneath with minimal wash marring bar the odd localised area, this was safely removed via machine polishing.

The rest of the vehicle was machine polished to remove any excess coating from its first application plus enhancing the gloss and clarity further then a fresh coating of the 9H Hardness @iglcoatings quartz.

Wheels were removed cleansed and decontaminated then coated with IGL Coatings eclipse giving years of easy maintenance.

Engine bay was freshened up and dressed with a satin dressing.

Interior was thoroughly vacuumed and tidied up including the boot area.

overall a stunning example of a Mk2 FRS.

#detailing #focus #iglcoatings #paintcorrection #buckie #iglquartz

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