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Winter Protection Detail 2021

Winter Protection Detail 2021! 🥶 🧊

from £100 with a 1 Day turnaround.

Available from the 1st of November

It’s that time of year again… October is coming to a close and winter is just around the corner.

Addison Tyres Truck was first in line for the treatment and it really needed it. We think Iain Addisons new tattie park rallying hobby has took its toll on his truck!

❄️ Full Safe Wash inc door shuts & Chemical/Clay decontamination to remove Tar & Fall out

❄️Engine Bay Wash & Refresh

❄️Wheels cleaned including inner barrels then sealed

❄️Towel Dried + Hot Air Pressure

❄️Glass Polished and sealed with a 7 month Rain Repellant

❄️Machine Cleansed to remove further contamination and prepare the surface

❄️A generous layer of Infinity Wax Graphene Wax followed by QDX Graphene

❄️Interior Refresh inc vacuum and air freshener

❄️Tyres and arches Dressed

Overall a cracking package to make sure your vehicle stays well protected over the coming winter months.

Bolt ons include -

Upgrading the protection to our accredited IGL Ceramic Coatings IGL Coatings UK priced from £179

Interior Shampoo/stain removal - from £40

Window tinting/Scratch removal/gloss enhancements/paint corrections/windscreen repairs get in touch for a quote through the socials or


9 March Road East



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