My name is Richard and my passion is my Pr3stige brand that I own and built from scratch, Pr3stige has grown very quickly due to a loyal customer base and support within the local car clubs, with the reputation as one of Aberdeenshire & Moray's best tinting and wrapping specialists.

Where we excel is Vinyl Wrapping and Window Tinting.
Being a 3m & Avery Supreme approved wrapper ensures that any colour change or transformation made to a vehicle is backed by the seal of quality from 2 of the highest graded companies in their field.
We can offer anything from a full colour change to interior trim change.

We can combine this with window tinting for a smoother passage in summer to a more discreet privacy solution. We will advise on what is and isn’t legal and help you make the choice that is right for you and most importantly the aesthetics of your car.
We simply wont cut corners on quality.

We also specialise in Full detailing services from a complete paintwork overhaul to a mild enhancement.
We can not only alter the cars appearance, we can advise how to maintain and ensure the car is kept in pristine condition for the foreseeable future.

Whether you are looking to realise the vehicles full potential for resale, comfort and safety or simply for your own sense of pride you can trust Pr3stige to achieve the very best possible finish.

To be fair to both parties where multi day bookings are required, we may ask for a small deposit.

Thank you for coming to Pr3stige we strive to achieve perfection.