Aside from the aesthetic merits of having your windows tinted, there are several other fantastic benefits;

  • Security & Safety

Keep the contents of your vehicle safe from prying eyes

Window film holds glass fragments in place in the event of a breakage

Security film offers protection against malicious or accidental damage

  • Comfort

Keep your car cool in summer and retain heat in the winter

Reduce the sun’s harmful UV rays

Remember, all installations benefit from…

  • Over 99% UV protection

  • Glare reduction

  • Heat reduction

  • Protects interiors from fading

  • Peace of mind lifetime warranty

  • Several years industry experience

  • State of the art premium quality films

Factory tinted glass does NOT offer any protection against harmful UVA rays. In the event of an accident, factory tinted glass will not prevent glass shattering into the vehicle and potentially injuring the occupants.

You may choose to have, or already have, factory tinted glass in your vehicle. By additionally installing a tinted or clear window film, you can achieve these added safety measures.


We offer a number of different types of window film for your vehicle to suit your individual needs. All of our window films offer over 99% rejection of harmful UV rays. While glass will block UVB rays, which cause sunburn, the more damaging UVA rays pass through. Applying any of our window films to your vehicle is a great way to protect your skin.

  • A choice of 5 different shades

Choosing a lighter shade will offer a subtle but distinctive look. To keep your children and pets cool and comfortable a medium or midnight shade is ideal. For maximum privacy for you and your valuables, or if you have TV screens in the back, our dark shade is the best choice.

  • Colour-stable film that never turns purple

  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling

  • Compatibility with factory tints

  • Durable scratch-resistant surface


We also offer tinted internal sun-strips. They are a huge benefit to driving in the summer and also the low winter sun. We can install the sunstrip to your desired hight and in a range of film shades. These are priced from £30 fully installed

Agricultural & Plant Tinting

We also offer Tinting solutions for the agricultural & plant sector, professional advice can be given to benefit the customer and the machine.

Tinting can make it a more comfortable place to be.

Keeping visibility is key and we can do this with the right shade of film. Also the security benefits by if the worst happens and a window shattered the film will hold it in place! feel free to contact us for more details and to receive an on site quote. 

We are proud to be the only Tinters that offer this service in the area.


For peace of mind we run an appointment only system for our bookings to keep customers cars & belongings safe while in our premises . Work needs to be booked in advance and we will do our best to meet your requirements. Early morning/Evening/weekend drop off's are not a problem. We are fully insured to store your vehicle in our secure unit for the duration of its stay. Our building is Alarmed and your vehicle is safe in our hands.

All tinting is carried out by fully competent professionals